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Philological Taxonomies: Student Lab project at this year's Congress of Germanists

The verbal exchange "Unterscheidungskunst" by Yvonne Pauly and Marion Poschmann, which was published first as a podcast and then in the journal Sinn und Form as part of the supporting programme for the spring season 2020, inspired, among other things, the establishment of a panel at the 27th German Congress of Germanists. Under the title "Philological Taxonomies. (Dis)Orders of Contemporary Nature Poetry in Literary Studies", Yvonne Pauly will present the project on 28 September in Paderborn.

The Student Lab at the annual conference of the German Musicological Society

Last autumn/winter, a series of workshops in the field of musicology was offered for the second time in cooperation with the Bernd Alois Zimmermann Gesamtausgabe, which is based at the BBAW and the Akademie der Wissenschaften und Literatur | Mainz. The focus was on "Tratto" (1966/67), Zimmermann's first and only entirely electronic composition realised with a tape recorder. As a best practice model, this project was invited to the annual conference of the German Musicological Society under the title "Perspectives of Music(ological) Communication". Matthias Pasdzierny, head of the Berlin office of the Zimmermann-Gesamtausgabe, and Yvonne Pauly will explain the concept of the series and report on their experiences on 30 September in Berlin.