Members of Staff


Dr. Yvonne Pauly


Student Assistants

Robin Wheeler
Charlotte Hinrichs


Former Employees

Janine Altmann (student assistant 2008-2014)
Sandra Berges (student assistant 2015-2016 in cooperation with the "HUmanities Lab" at Humboldt-Universit├Ąt Berlin)
Cornelia Chmiel (student assistant 2017-2018)
Piruze Etessami (trainee 2008)
Angelina Ewald (trainee 2007)
Lionel Falk (student assistant 2018-2020)
Michelle Hildebrandt (student assistant 2019-2020)
Gwendolyn Zoe Papke (student assistant 2015-2017)
Konrad Reissmann (student assistant 2010)
Anni Sappinen (trainee 2012)
Theo Starck (student assistant 2015-2017)
Friederike Wein (project assistant 2013)
Arne Werfel (student assistant 2018-2021)